Aplington-Parkersburg Falcon

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The Parkersburg Park was once a simple pasture owned by Paul Abkes, to hold his various animals. In 1948 Paul sold his land to B.G. Johnston. B.G. also used it for a pasture. In 1958 the City of Parkersburg bought the pasture and constructed a park. There was not a pool built until 1959 and it opened in 1960. Today the park is usually called the pool park. In 1990's the National Guard donated to American Legion's Post 285 a AH-1G Cobra Helicopter. The helicopter logged more than one million hours in Vietnam, because it was able to fly in all weather conditons. It was flown into Waterloo, Ia airport by Craig Estep, and was brought to Parkersburg on a flatbed semi. The Cobra Helicopter was finally placed in the Parkersburg Memorial Park where it now sits across the street from the Veterans Memorial Building.
Memorial Park
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