Mason City Mohawks

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Mason City High School's first volleyball coach was Alice Phillips. Alice was inducted into the Iowa Coaches Association Hall of Fame for volleyball in the Fall of 2005. Alice and Jackie Wilde (Former Fort Dodge Volleyball Coach) were instrumental in helping jump start the volleyball program in the state of Iowa. They sent invitations out for games and tournaments at first due to the small number of schools playing girls volleyball. Mason City High School hosted the first two state volleyball tournaments (1970-1971 and 1971-1972). The volleyball season was originally established in the winter but changed to the fall season in 1973 with the start of girls basketball. ---------- Mason City High School State Volleyball Appearances 1970 (3rd Place) 1971 (3rd Place) 1972 (2nd Place) 1973 (State Champions) 1976 1977 1978 1979 1980 ---------- Mason City High School Varsity Volleyball Coaches Alice Phillips (1970 - 1986) Katie (Hayes) Koehler (1987) Shari (Lewis) Rottinghaus (1988 - 1991) Tracy (Horner) Skogen (1992 - 1996) Heidi Meyer (1997 - 1999) Andrea Ludwig (2000 - 2007) Randy Lewis (2008 - Present)
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